Thursday, 22 March 2007

Cricket Minister Bowls a Top Spinner

The Indian Cricket Minister who also doubles up as Indian Agriculture Minister, and surprises of surprise, as Food Minister too, has now bowled a top spinner.
Really capable all rounders in Indian team.
The tough talking political heavy weight from Maharashtra, is of course very well known for his intervention in the Cola agricultural pesticides debate, by claiming that Indian mothers are also equally guilty, of feeding their children with breast milk spiced up with acceptable levels of pesticides as per Indian food regulation standards. He did not however explain why we should trust him as the Food Minister, fit for the new incredible Indian Next generation - GEN-X
Many future Cricketers are springing up in India with deep dosages of pesticides in their blood, courtesy our sanguine Food Minister, which will all cumulatively lead to big sixes in World Cups.

The same Minister had pointed out how, in his role as Food Minister, responsible for deflating food prices for South Indian wheat eaters, was in contradiction with his dual responsibility as Indian Agriculture Minister responsible for seeing that hard working, Indian kisan are able to sell their produce, in the markets, either to government procurement agencies, or to private traders, at slightly higher rupees, than the previous year.
Sometimes one cannot but wonder at the sheer competence and the immense burden of weight carried by the respectable Cricket Minister. Any other mortal by now would have been screaming at the Prime Minister and Congress Party, to reduce the political, administrative, and ministerial responsibilities that he has simultaneously been burdened with.
He also certainly feels, the Vidarbha cotton farmers agrarian distress and suicides issue, from his own home ground of Maharashtra, as adding to yet more weight on his share of responsibilities. After all how much can one man do, when burdened with so many and often such conflicting responsibilities ?
But then maybe he does not have any such doubts.
The Honourable Minister decided to bowl a top spinner, on the issue of farmland acquisitions, carried out in Singur and Nandigram, on behalf of top domestic and foreign industrialists, by the erudite bhadralok of Bengal Communists.
The Minister has found it appropriate to dispute the strategy of using governmental muscle for acquiring land for Special Export Zones (SEZ).
Dispute yes, but without feeling the need to justify, why these Special Export Zones are needed in the first place.
Notable economists from Bangla Desh and other places, are being brought in to buttress arguments of how New Amar Sonar Bangla needs industry in place of farmlands, to force a decline in agriculture dependant populations and force the creation of an industrial proletariat that will be begging outside Writer's Building for small morsels of food. The rhetoric of the protege of Shri Jyoti Basu may be inadequate for the peasants and farmers of Nandigram, but maybe our Cricket Minister is satisfied with the batting performance of Bengal.
His track record as the Minister who pushed through large scale GM experimentations on Indian farmers, without long term risk analysis, and farmer and crop insurance best practices, will also not be missed by Indian economy, industry and agriculture watchers.

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